WhatsApp, Incoming Verified Accounts For Companies And VIPs

Messages sent by users will be recognizable through a yellow background. The feature will be released gradually

August 28, 2017-as on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, even on WhatsApp are incoming verified accounts. It is what announced by the same company, through a post published on its official website. The new feature, currently available only for a few users, is intended for companies.

It is one of the many features that the company bought by Facebook is experiencing lately and that shows how WhatsApp is increasingly pushing towards the business. After introducing a few weeks ago, always in the beta version, the ability to send money, the most popular instant messaging app is also testing the verified accounts. The service serves users to ensure that the contact you are communicating with actually belongs to a company account. WhatsApp will check the trust of the account and confirm its veracity with a green icon that appears next to the profile name.

How does that work

The verified accounts of the companies, therefore, will be accompanied by a symbol, which is used to identify with certainty the sender. If a user receives a message from a company, it will be able to distinguish it, compared to that reached by a “traditional” contact, thanks to messages contained in a yellow background and sent by WhatsApp.

Exactly as with the other contacts, if the company number is stored in the Phonebook, WhatsApp will be visible according to the name chosen by the user. Instead, the corporate account will be identifiable by the name chosen by the company.

Users who are not going to be disturbed by a business account will always have the option to block it.

As you read in the post of WhatsApp, for now it is only a pilot study, tested with some companies. There is no precise indication of when the verified accounts will be officially released nor is it given to know how the service will work in detail.

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