How to Find Out Which Ransomware Infected The PC

On the Internet there are several tools, some also free and very effective, to locate the ransomware that hit the computer. Here’s what to choose.

Ransomware, malware that encrypt devices and demand payment of a ransom in return, are one of the most dangerous threats, especially for companies. To try to unlock infected computers without being blackmailed by hackers, you need to discover the type of ransomware. How to do it?

We start from a consideration: it is not always possible to recover the files “obscured”, especially if the virus that hit the device is sophisticated,. Some ransomware do not leave a chance to the victims, even to permanently erase the data contained in the hard disk. But it’s always worth trying. It is possible that the virus, in fact, has already been used: in these cases it is very likely that there is already a system to eradicate the ransomware in the network. Or at least to recognize him. Knowing which ransomware has wedged in the machine is already an excellent starting point. On the internet there are, in fact, several tools, some also free and very effective, to identify which ransomware hit the PC.

Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition Tool

One of the best known is that of Bitdefender, one of the most authoritative companies experienced in computer security. Bitdefender ransomware recognition tool, so it is called the tool, allows, in fact, to discover the “name” of the ransomware that infected the computer. The program, which can be downloaded for free, works by analyzing parts of the encrypted file and “reads” Also the note of the ransomware. The tool is also able to recognize the sub variants of the ransomware.

The Bitdefender ransomware recognition Tool Not only helps victims identify the type of ransomware, but also provides, whenever possible, decryption keys, which then allow you to unlock files made inaccessible by the infection. The program, in fact, once “figured out” which ransomware hit the PC, offers users a link to free encrypted data.

Ransomware ID

Bitdefender Ransomware Recognition tool, however, is not the only tool. Another program, always free, is ransomware ID. It is an online tool, which allows, as the previous service, to identify the type of ransomware responsible for the infection: it is sufficient to insert in the platform the file with which the hackers demand the ransom – usually the payment desired by Cybercriminals is in Bitcoin – or even one of the files encrypted by the virus. Ransomware ID, which according to what is written on the site is able to detect up to 490 different ransomware, will also provide the “instructions” on how to get rid of the threat.

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