How to Download Videos from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on iPhone

Surfing on the main social is easy to stumble into funny videos. Here’s how to download them on our iPhone to watch them with friends and even offline.

Surfing on social media often happens to stumble on funny videos. Not always save these movies on our iPhone is so simple. Fortunately there are little tweaks to use every time we need to download a video from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram on our Apple smartphone.

If we open the APP store, which is the Cupertino application store, we’ll find a lot of programs that promise to download and save videos from the main social networks on IPhone. But many of these apps are not safe. Some, for example, contain only many advertisements and do not perform the required work. If we often use Facebook the advice is to install the application MyMedia. This will not allow us to make the download directly but transform the video into a link to be included in a website specialized in video conversion.

Facebook Video

To download the Facebook video on iPhone, after installing MyMedia, we have to open the app of the famous social media and at that point, clicking on the options of the movie at the top right, choose the item share and then that copy Link. At this point we open MyMedia and copy the link just extrapolated from Facebook. After creating the download link the app will ask us which site to connect to complete the save. We click on one of those recommended by the same application. Once connected to the site we just have to copy the link edited by MyMedia and then click on the Download item. And at this point the game is done. Attention, however, the video in this way will be saved on the app MyMedia, to insert it in the gallery just go to the application select the favorite video and click on the option “Save in Gallery”.

Instagram Videos

Downloading videos, and even photos, from Instagram on iPhone instead is very simple. Just go to the app Store and install the Grab for IG application. It is a third-party program that acts directly within the famous social media for photos. Once you have installed Grab for IG we will have to access the service using our Instagram credentials. Once this step is completed, every time we access Instagram we will find in the menu (three horizontal dots) next to each photo the Copy Link option. At this point just launch Grab for IG and enter the saved URL of the video. And if we crush on Download the game is done.

Video Snapchat

Using an app on the app Store to download video Snapchat is not a recommended solution. Most of these programs, as it happens for Facebook, is in fact full of advertisements and very invasive ads. To save a video on the social media of the ghost just record what is shown on our screen. Succeeding on IOS 11 is really simple. In fact, in the new operating system the Screen recording function has been inserted. It is located in the control center in the personalization section. The function allows you to save the videos played on the iPhone screen by recording the audio as well. If we have an iPhone with IOS 10 or lower we have two possibilities: either we connect the phone to the Mac and we use QuickTime to record the video playing on the screen, or if we do not have a Mac install the third-party app AirShou.

Twitter Videos

To download videos from Twitter We have to perform the same process already seen for Facebook. First install the MyMedia app. At this point we go on Twitter and select the link of our favorite video. Then Copiamolo on MyMedia and use one of the sites recommended by the program to download the file. At that point we can leave the movie on the app or go to MyMedia and choose the option “Save on Gallery”.

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