How to Always Use Any Browser with Incognito

The anonymous navigation mode allows you to hide the sites that we visit in the browser history and to protect our privacy.

Navigating Incognito is one of the first steps to safeguard our privacy on the network. Although it should be remembered that this method does not guarantee US total protection online: The sites we visit do not appear in the program history, but the companies know very well what pages we have seen.

To navigate Incognito we can set a new card or decide to use this mode permanently. To open a new Incognito tab on Chrome, two clicks are enough. We open the Google browser Select the menu (the three vertical dots in the upper right corner) and click on the item “New navigation window Incognito”. To always open the browser with Incognito mode we will have to right-click on the Chrome icon on the desktop and from there select the properties item from the pop-up menu. In the link section under the destination item we add to the text present the inscription-Incognito and click on Ok. This way every time we access Chrome from that link we will go incognito.


On Firefox it’s easier than Chrome to use Incognito as the default. Just open the browser, go to options and then click on Privacy. At this point we go into the chronology and there we select the option never save the history on Firefox. Now restart the browser and the setting will have definitive effect.


Even on Safari it is very easy to set up incognito. We open the browser on Mac and IOS devices and we go to preferences (to get there we can also use the shortcut key by clicking Command + comma on Mac). From the preferences in the General section we select the open Safari with a private mode window. At this point we restart the browser and the game is done.


On Opera the process is slightly more complex. And it’s pretty similar to Chrome. First we create a browser shortcut on the desktop. Then right-click on the Opera icon and select Properties from the pop-up menu. Also here, like on Chrome, we select the link entry and then in the destination field we add-private to the end of the present text. Click OK and the game is done.


On the Edge of Microsoft Unfortunately there is a permanent incognito mode. So every time we want to navigate this way we will have to open a window in temporary incognito.

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